Kendra Geronimo On Surviving Sex Trafficking

This Blog is a podcast episode featuring Kendra Geronimo, a survivor of sex trafficking, who shares her experiences and insights on the issue. 

Kendra is the founder of a non-profit organization called Liberation Team, which focuses on the prevention, education, and rescue of sex trafficking victims.

Kendra shares her personal story of being trafficked at the age of 19. She was lured into the trap by a man who pretended to be her boyfriend and later turned out to be a pimp. Kendra managed to escape after two years of being trafficked.

She emphasizes the importance of education and awareness in preventing sex trafficking. She believes that teaching children about the dangers and signs of trafficking can help them protect themselves and others.

She also highlights the importance of teaching children about healthy relationships and respect for themselves and others.

Kendra discusses the signs of sex trafficking, which include sudden changes in behavior, unexplained absences from school, new and expensive gifts, older boyfriends, and tattoos or branding.

 She also mentions that victims often show signs of physical abuse and avoid eye contact.

She talks about the role of law enforcement and the challenges they face in identifying and helping victims. She mentions that she is working on providing seminars to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department to educate them on the signs of sex trafficking and how to interact with survivors without re-triggering them.

Kendra also discusses the psychological effects of sex trafficking on victims. She mentions that victims often feel hopeless and believe they are not valuable enough to leave their situation. She emphasizes the importance of survivors finding the strength to overcome their past and grow as individuals.

She mentions her documentary, “Surviving Sex Trafficking,” which shares her story and aims to raise awareness about the issue. She talks about the emotional impact of sharing her story and the reactions of those who watched the documentary.

Towards the end of the video, Kendra talks about her work with her non-profit and her efforts to educate various communities about sex trafficking. She mentions that she is looking to partner with after-school care programs, schools, businesses, and other organizations to provide seminars and training.

The video ends with the hosts thanking Kendra for sharing her story and encouraging viewers to reach out to her if they need help or suspect someone might be a victim of sex trafficking. They also encourage viewers to like, subscribe, share, and follow their podcast for more discussions on important topics.

For a deeper understanding of the realities of sex trafficking and the inspiring journey of a survivor, don’t miss out on this video.

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