Fiberfab — The Weirdest Supercar You Won’t Believe is a Kit Car

Have you ever heard of the automotive kit car manufacturer Fiberfab? Unlike some other brands they are far less common and, when done right, look like a bonafide factory-built supercar. The company was established in 1964, making them one of the longest-lasting kit car manufacturers on the market. 

Because the Valkyrie is a kit car it can be built with a variety of drivetrain options, leaving it fully up to the imagination and preference. One major benefit to this is the owner can select a drivetrain that they are comfortable working with and on, making it an exotic-look platform that’s stil maintainable and reliable. 

Even more excitedly for exotic-car fans and DIYers, some Fiberfab kits start at just under $17,000 or you can opt for a complete body with rolling chassis for just over $20,000. Designed in the likeness of a racecar the interiors of these cars are designed to promote the lightweight nature of the vehicle. 

We were able to catch up with the owner of this Fiberfab at Supercar Saturday: